5 of the Best Free Linux Music Tag Editors

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“A tag editor (or tagger) is an application which
allows users to edit metadata of multimedia files. Metadata is the
data about the audio data. It lets information about the audio file
such as the title, artist, conductor, album, track length, lyrics,
embedded images, and other information be stored in the audio file

“The most common form of audio tag is ID3, of which there are
two unrelated types (ID3v1 and ID3v2). There are also other types
of audio tags, including Vorbis Comments (found in Ogg and FLAC
audio files), and APE tags. Tag editors are not just confined to
audio files. Taggers for graphic formats (such as JPEG and TIFF)
are also available.

“Tag editors are frequently used to correct and organise
multimedia files and they support popular digital audio formats.
They can rename files based on the tag information, replace words
in tags and filenames, create playlists, and import/export tag
information. An important feature we look for is the ability to
make online database lookups, saving valuable time in collating
tags and cover art for your music collection.”

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