9 Exciting Features Fedora 18 Has To Offer

Fedora 18, which was released a few days ago, brings all the latest features Linux can offer to the mainstream desktop crowd. It comes with the newest software, tones of bug fixes, new artwork, and many improvements. If you’re curious to know what they are, here’s a list of some of the most exciting goodies that come with this release:

1. UEFI Support: When Windows decided to lockout Linux fans from installing their favorite distribution on a Windows 8 PC, many users were infuriated. Fortunately, though, many developers found a workaround to this problem. Fedora 18 is the first one to implement that solution. Fedora 18, unlike Ubuntu, uses bootloaders that have been signed by Microsoft certificates. This allows you to install Fedora 18 on a Windows 8 PC without any hassles.