Absolutely Essential Vim/vi Commands

“More on Vim

“So you thought you could get by with gedit? Not when you must
configure an application on your server in a data center two states
away! When it comes to remote system administration, all roads lead
back to Vim. Not a Vim expert? No problem, you just need a handful
of commands to do everything you need to do.

“Entire books have been written about Vim, and they still fail
to capture all of its functionality. But the core command set is
all you really need if you’re just making a few changes to a few
files over SSH. You might not do it as efficiently as a Vim expert,
but it’s good enough to get the job done. In fact, if you’re
working with Vim (the pre-eminent vi-clone) on a server, there’s a
good chance it’s “vim-tiny,” a stripped-down Vim that offers the
traditional vi functionality but not the full set of Vim

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