ACI now Taking Beta Testers for Linux Laptops

[ Keith
writes: ]

“Greetings to All!

In an effort to assist the Linux community with promoting
Linux on Laptops we are announcing today our efforts to build a
complete line of Linux Laptops.
Currently we need three Linux
savy individuals who would like to help us with the Beta testing of
these laptops. Please read further to see how this program is
structured and what we are trying to offer. This information will
be on our Linux site later on at http://www.affordablecomputers.com/linux

The Goal Of The Beta Test:
To provide the Linux community with a documented “HOWTO” for each
of its laptops. This HOWTO will cover configuration of linux for
the model, HOWTO load all drivers and get the Laptop fully
functional with Linux.

Which Models Are Offered Under This Beta?:
We currently have 3 models of custom built laptops that need to be
tested for Linux. Our TS795 (AMD Based unit), the TS3100, and the
the TS770. Currently the TS30i2 has been certified to work with
Linux but the docmentation is still being built (thanks Dave New!).
The 5100 is currently being tested and done by our staff at

What Are The Conditions Of The Beta?:
The conditions are quite simple. The Beta Tester will simply
purchase the laptop he or she wants to beta test at a 12% discount
off the advertised price on our website. The Beta Tester then will
recieve the unit a few days later. Once the unit is received by the
Beta Tester a 25 day grace period is offered to the Beta Tester.
Within those 25 days, the “HOWTO” must be written and completed for
that particular model for 2 different versions of Linux, Redhat 6.0
and Suse 6.2. Once the HOWTO is completed within the guidelines ACI
sets and the unit is returned, the Beta Tester will receive a
$250.00 BONUS as compensation for his/her time and as a return on
his/her investment. Now, I am sure this opens up a whole lot of
questioning at this point about other issues and I will attempt to
head as many of those off as I can at this time.

Why Do I Have To Buy The Unit To Be A Beta Tester?:
This is a fair question, but in reality it is the only way we can
be safe in giving you a new very expensive high dollar item. It
would be great to be able to trust everybody in this world but
let’s be resonable. I am sure you can understand why this is the

How Is The Unit Going To Be Configured?:
Since you, the Beta Tester, is actually purchasing the unit, you
can figure it for whatever you like. Simply visit the site at
choose Custom Build under notebooks and there are the units.

Do I Have To Reture The Unit After The 25 Days?:
No, you may keep the unit if you like it, and the $250.00 (if the
HOWTO is written).

What If I Find The Unit Just Cannot Work With Linux?:
That is a risk ACI is willing to take. However if it is a complete
dead end on the model you are testing, simply return it for a full
refund of your money and receive a $50.00 in store credit towards
the purchase of any regularly priced product that we carry.

You Mentioned Guidelines For The HOWTO, Explain:
Here are a few things the HOWTO should cover.

  1. Howto install Linux step by step.
  2. Howto configure X.
  3. Howto configure APM.
  4. Howto get the PCMCIA stuff working.
  5. Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

At this time, we are thinking of releasing this HOWTO under the GPL
guidelines so it will need to follow those standards.

Why Are You Only Using RedHat And SuSE? What About Other
These two distros are what we sell the most of at ACI and it is
what our Tech department is more friendly with so it is a case of
going with what you know the best. After the HOWTO’s are released I
am sure other parties will adopt the HOWTO to other distros of
their choice (hopefully).

OK I Have Some Extra Funds, Kinda Wanted A Laptop, So How Do I
Get To Be A Beta Tester?:
Those interested in being a beta tester need to send email to
[email protected]
with subject “Linux Beta Tester”. I will compile all of the parties
that are interested. When you submit to us that you would like to
be a Beta Tester for this, please include the following so we can
make a decision about who is the best for the job:

  1. A resume or credentials if you have one.
  2. Linux exeperience.
  3. Phone, address, (contact info).
  4. Which model you are interested in.
  5. Any additional information that would help us to decide.

If You Have Questions After Reading This Please Contact Me
Personally At 1-800-864-2345 X.109.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from those interested


Keith Elder”