Airtame wants to mirror (almost) any screen to any other screen

The main differentiating factor between Airtame and other screen mirroring solutions already available is that it works with (and in between) Windows, OS X, and Linux. The application will be available on all three operating systems so any one can push content to the dongle; additionally, any computer with the Airtame app installed can send or receive from any other computer running it, regardless of host operating system. Atilla Sukosd, CTO of Airtame, explained to Ars that the protocol Airtame uses to accomplish this is more sophisticated than existing platform-agnostic remote-view products like VNC. Instead of sending sections or slices of framebuffer, Airtame transmits an h.264 video stream of the host system’s screen. Unlike other streaming solutions like Miracast, though, Airtame eschews Wi-Fi Direct and instead sticks with standard Wi-Fi, allowing it to function as a standard network host—and do a few other tricks, as well.