Am I really running Ubuntu?

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“Many years have passed since that decision and things
have changed with Ubuntu. The default software provided by Ubuntu
has changed drastically and with the upcoming Ubuntu Lucid Lynx it
will be changing even more. I didn’t like the changes the
made in the past and I don’t like the changes they are making
for Lucid Lynx. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all
things they change, new kernels, upstart are just a few things that
I agree with. What I don’t agree with is what I like to call
the dumbing down of applications and bloating of applications.

“Just because computers get more powerful, have bigger disks and
get more memory doesn’t justify to bloat your software. Take
Tomboy for example, the default and very simple note taking
application in Gnome. If you want to install Tomboy it requires
Mono which consists of 25 extra packages totaling a combined space
of 22 MB on your drive. I don’t know what will be running in
memory but it can’t be low, Tomboy itself occupies 10 MB
while the alternative gNote is 6MB and it does the exact same task,
maybe even quicker.”

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