An Interview With Mako

“3. When did you become involved in the forums (or the Ubuntu
community)? What’s your role there?

“I was part of the founding members of the Ubuntu team back when
Canonical was called “No-Name-Yet.com” and when the
team was called “The Warthogs.” I was Ubuntu’s
first community managers, I think its safe to say — things
were more complicated back then and we didn’t really have job

“Unlike Jono Bacon, who was hired right after I left, I wrote
code and did some technical package work. That said, my core
responsibility was growing the Ubuntu community during the first
year. That certainly happened, although I doubt I deserve too much

“I did a community related stuff including handling the
distribution of all those millions of CDs that were sent out for
free (I wrote the first version of ShipIt). I also wrote the Code
of Conduct, designed most of the Ubuntu governance systems, and
lots more! Early on, I even got to send out the first announcement
of Ubuntu when our first beta version was ready! That was pretty
exciting and a huge honor given all that has happened!”


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