Antec 300 Computer Case Quick Review

“What goes inside a computer case matters more than the case–
but a nice case is a pleasure to use, and it runs quieter and
cooler. Here’s a quick look at the excellent Antec 300.

“Even with all the nice specialized network storage devices to
choose from, I still like using a PC running Linux as a file and
backup server. It’s the most flexible option, and I usually have
spare parts needing jobs, so it’s also inexpensive.

“My latest project is building a new backup server for home. We
generate a lot of large files: audio, photo, and camcorder, so my
chosen storage medium is big SATA drive. Or two. Or four. Or more.
I already had a motherboard with CPU and RAM, power supply, and
graphics adapter so all I needed to buy was a case and some hard
drives. I like Antec cases and ordered an Antec 300.

“The 300 is billed as the ultimate gaming case, but it is also a
superior mid-tower case for a server.”