Anti-Firesheep Trick Protects Linux Users

“The Firesheep plug-in for Firefox has done an admirable job of
illustrating the insecurity of public Wi-Fi, just as its creators
intended. Now that it’s out there in the wild, however, the
question for users is how to protect their sensitive

“On the Windows side, pretty much all we’ve seen so far have
been tools that simply alert you when Firesheep is being used on
the network you’re connected to. Unfortunately, they don’t go
beyond that to actually protect your data.

“For Linux users, however, the situation is better. A free new
solution from security firm Sophos lets users of the open source
operating system “browse over unencrypted Wi-Fi access points with
no more risk than you’d browse at home,” according to its blog post
from earlier today.”

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