Apache Today: Getting Started with Apache 1.3

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“Hopefully you know something about Web servers in general, and
the Apache Web server in particular, or else you wouldn’t be
reading this page. This article isn’t intended to give
background on what Apache is nor why you should use it, but how to
get going with it once the decision has been made. In other words,
simply how to download it, and install it, and turn it

“I should make it very clear right away that this article is
about the latest released version of the server, Apache 1.3. It is
not about the still-under-development 2.0 version. You’ll have to
wait for another article for that. :-)”

“The setting up of an Apache Web server falls naturally into a
number of steps. Unfortunately, the steps differ slightly depending
upon whether you’re going to be using a binary distribution or if
you’re using Windows; the steps that may not apply are marked as
‘optional’ below.

  1. Download the software
  2. [optional] Build the software (unless you downloaded a binary
  3. Stop any currently-running Apache server
  4. [optional] De-install any existing Apache package (Windows
  5. Install the new Apache software
  6. Make sure the configuration is correct
  7. Start the Web server
  8. Customise your content”


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