ASUS Blitz Extreme

[ Thanks to Michael Larabel for this
link. ]

“Over the years of reviewing ASUS products we’ve seen a number
of interesting motherboards but the one we have our hands on for
review today is one of the most interesting we have ever seen. This
motherboard is the ASUS Blitz Extreme and packed onto this ATX PCB
is Intel’s P35 Chipset with ICH9R Southbridge, dual-channel
DDR3-1333 memory support, CrossFire support, ‘voltiminder’ LEDs,
load-line calibration, Stack Cool 2, SupremeFX II audio, LCD poster
display, and the ASUS Fusion Block System. The Fusion Block System
is an integrated thermal hybrid cooler designed to cool the
motherboard’s chipset and other key components, but can also be
inserted into your computer’s water cooling loop for even greater
performance. The ASUS Blitz Extreme belongs to their Republic of
Gamers line with other motherboards such as the Striker Extreme,
Blitz Formula, Crosshair, and Commando. This may be the ultimate
gaming and overclocking platform, but how well does this $300+ USD
motherboard work with Linux? We will tell you today…”

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