Asus Eee PC 701 [Review]

“This past weekend a circular advertised a Vista-powered laptop
equipped with a Celeron processor, 14.1-inch display, an 80GB hard
drive, and a DVD drive for only $399. For the same price, the Asus
Eee PC (see the photo gallery) offers the same amount of RAM and
Celeron processor but a smaller seven-inch display, a measly 4GB of
storage space, and no DVD drive. And yet there’s no way we would
give up this two-pound wonder for a “regular” notebook. The Eee PC
may be designed to appeal to children and older customers, but it
should also tempt anyone looking for a lightweight budget PC that
weighs next to nothing and connects to the Internet easily. It’s
ten times simpler to use than any Windows machine, starts up twice
as fast (no crapware!), and is only about a fifth of the cost of
other systems in its weight class. It’s a little rough around the
edges, but the Eee PC is a remarkably versatile machine for the

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