attrition.org: null_session’s TCP/IP for kids

This file was written to take the kids who are still stuck
in the “1 n33d s0m3 w4r3z d00d!” mode and bring them up to about
the same level as your average system admin.
That is to say
that this is a quick hit, usable as an introduction but NOT
intended for someone with experience in these matters (unless, of
course, you want to critique me).”

“What is TCP/IP?”

“I’m sure you have often seen refrences to the tcp/ip protocol.
Refrences like that are usually made by marketing people and
salesman. TCP/IP actually stands for Transmission Control
Protcol/Internet Protocol, but really it is a suite of many
protocols and services, all of which work together to provide a
fairly simple interface to a shared network of computers. Tcp/ip
provides a layer(actually several) of abstraction from the pain of
hardware networking. The services that tcp/ip provide allow you to
type “slashdot.org” to find distraction in satan’s equivilent of
talk radio, rather than 00:00:86:51:A1:13 a true hardware level
(Ethernet, in this case) network address.”