Automakers Betting on Linux for Future Infotainment Systems

Zemlin has been around Linux since 2007, and has seen the ambitious idea of collaborative development transform the operating system into a big player in the tech world. He’s convinced that the automotive industry is going down the right path with Linux.

“By using Linux, car makers can leverage what has already been developed for mobile and consumer electronics and apply it to automobiles.” Said Zemlin, “This reduces research and development time and resources and also helps to meet consumer expectations for consistency between their smart phones, laptops and now, their cars.”

He explained that “Car makers are also betting on Linux to make computing on wheels a reality, because Linux is developed by a global community of developers and organizations, not just one company.” That also makes it cost effective for car companies, since they won’t want to depend on one vendor to handle maintaining all the software in a car’s infotainment system.