Back to Basics with KDE 4

“After our review of KDE 4.6, we received a great deal of
positive comments, but not all of them were sparkling assessments
of KDE’s functionality. For that reason, I have decided to get back
to the basics this week with a little how-to guide for KDE 3 users
who may be reluctant to switch to KDE 4, Gnome or other desktop
users who avoid KDE because of certain usability problems, and
anyone who might be new to the software and its unique desktop

“At the end of this quick training guide, you should be able

* Add printers and print
* Configure and use bluetooth devices
* Attach and configure external monitors

“Printing in KDE 4

“In the past two years, I have probably used a printer twice,
and one of those times was unnecessary. But KDE is for everyone,
not just me, and many people still need to print important
documents. Fortunately, KDE has an easy printer configuration