BeaconSchool.org: Open Source and Education

“At Beacon, we’re in our third year of using Linux as our
primary server. A friend suggested it to me one day when I was
frustrated by my inability to provide my students with many of the
basics that a work or college environment would want them to know
how to use. Now, we use Linux as a cross-platform file server, web
server, email server, IRC server, mailing-list server, etc. And
it’s allowed us the ability to do more than we ever dreamed of. To
be able to do the same amount of technology infusion without Open
Source would have been prohibitively expensive. For us, Linux
wasn’t a choice, it was our only option if we wanted more than
token technology infusion. It just made sense.”

“Open Source could revolutionize public education, but the
community needs to get behind it.
Yes, more schools are
starting to use Linux, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to
what it could be. And here’s where you can help.”