Best Robotics Software for Linux

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“Player: Player is a network sensor for robot control. With
support for a huge amount of robot hardware, Player gives the
user/developer a clean and easy to use interface to control the
robot’s sensors and actuators over the IP Network. By connecting
with the client program over a TCP socket, Player reads data from
sensors, writes commands to actuators, and configures devices on
the fly. Being modular, Player makes it easy for developers to add
new hardware without facing any major issues. Released under GPL
license, Player is freely available for download.

“OpenRDK: OpenRDK is an open source framework for robotics
applications. It is a modular software framework focused on rapid
development of distributed robotic systems. Already being used by
the The Intelligent Control Group of Universidad Politécnica
of Madrid and the RoCoCo laboratory of the Sapienza University of
Rome, OpenRDK is a framework that has successfully been applied in
diverse applications with heterogeneous robots. Also, OpenRDK is
designed to work with third-party applications like the
aforementioned Player/Stage.”