BREAKING NEWS: Hewlett Packard to officially port Linux to its platforms

“To broaden support for additional operating systems on its
Intel(R)-based NetServer systems, HP has formed an alliance with
Red Hat Software, Inc., one of the largest Linux distributors and
service providers. The alliance will provide end-to-end service and
support for HP customers. In addition, HP intends to port Linux to
its platforms based on the IA-64 architecture.”

“”Running Official Red Hat Linux V. 5.2 on an HP NetServer LPr
system provides an ideal solution for ISPs or other IT
organizations looking for reliable, effective and affordable
computing solutions,” said Bob Young, chief executive officer for
Red Hat Software, Inc.”

“To provide customers with immediate solutions based on HP
NetServer systems, as well as a longer-term strategy for future
IA-64 architecture-based solutions, HP is porting the Linux
operating system to HP IA-64 based platforms. Conforming to the
established model for open-source code, HP intends to make this
port available to the Linux community, as IA-64 specifications
become public.”

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