Bruce Sterling: The Manifesto of January 3, 2000, Ideological Freeware: Distribute At Will

“Technology” in its broad sense: the ability to transform
resources, the speed at which new possibilities can be opened and
exploited, the multiple and various forms of command-and-control —
technology, not ideology, is the twentieth century´s lasting
legacy. Technology broke the gridlock of the five-decade Cold War.
It made a new era thinkable. And, finally, technology made a new
era obvious.”

“But too many twentieth-century technologies are very like
twentieth-century ideologies: rigid, monolithic, poisonous and

Freedom has to be won, and, more importantly, the
consequences of freedom have to be lived. You do not win freedom of
information by filching data from a corporate warehouse, or begging
the authorities to kindly abandon their monopolies, copyrights and
You have to create that freedom by a deliberate act
of will, think it up, assemble it, sacrifice for it, make it free
to others who have a similar will to live that freedom.”