BSD Today: BSD on Virtual PC

[ Thanks to Jeremy C.
for this link. ]

“A while back, I saw “VirtualPC with Linux”. I ignored it; an
emulated PC didn’t seem like it would ever make sense to me. But
times change, and Apple has special trade-up programs, so I
suddenly found myself the proud owner of a shiny new G3 Mac

“Unfortunately, I’m still a Unix guy. Mostly. But it’s hard to
deny that there are some nice games and userland applications for
MacOS, and I like to deal with computers on their own terms, so I
decided to run Unix in an emulator.”

“Virtual PC is a PC emulator. It emulates the behavior of a
fairly standard PC, including text mode video, graphics, and sound.
It’s totally software based, but it acts like a computer similar to
(but not quite identical to, of course) a PC.
It’s just like
porting to a PC with a new motherboard. It can run full-screen or
in a window; full-screen is most useful for graphical modes. I have
most often used it either with a window (with a PC in text mode) or
full screen (with a 1024×768 X display).”


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