BusyBox 1.26.0, the Swiss Army Knife of Linux, Released with Over 200 Changes

BusyBox 1.26.0 is an unstable build and arrives six months after the release of BusyBox 1.25.0 development version, and two and a half months after the release of BusyBox 1.25.1, the current stable version used by default in many popular Linux-based operating systems. There are improvements for many of the bundled utilities, including but not limited to ping, wget, whois, vi, setfiles, ntpd, udhcpc, ash, lineedit, telnetd, unshare, traceroute, top, tcpsvd, tar, tc, man, less, sendmail, sed, mount, mdev, sha3sum, su, svc, ipneigh, ifplugd, hexdump, dhcp, hush, sh, cp, cpio, df, fdisk, find, awk, patch, and i2cdump.