BW: Bristol Technology and SuSE Announce Partnership for Enabling Windows Applications on Linux

“Bristol Technology and SuSE Linux, one of the world’s leading
Linux providers, today announced a partnership to jointly promote
Bristol’s Wind/U for Linux cross-platform development software and
Bristol’s Linux Porting Center for SuSE Linux. Bristol’s
cross-platform software and services allow developers to quickly
port Microsoft Windows applications to Linux. This new relationship
will significantly help expand the number of applications on SuSE

“As our customers move to broader commercial use of Linux they
will benefit from products such as Bristol’s cross-platform
software,” stated Roland Dyroff, CEO of SuSE Linux AG. “Bristol’s
Wind/U and Linux Porting Center are helping to make many more
applications available on SuSE Linux.”

“Bristol’s symbiotic relationship with SuSE will directly
enhance the effectiveness of the SuSE ISVs by arming them with the
software, training, and services they need to efficiently implement
their applications on SuSE Linux,” said Chane Cullens, Bristol’s
President. “SuSE is very strong in Europe and growing quickly
worldwide. Bristol will leverage this growth and help fuel the
Linux revolution with many new SuSE Linux applications.” Wind/U for
Linux enables developers to compile Microsoft Win32 API and MFC
source code directly on SuSE Linux, and create native, desktop and
server-based SuSE Linux applications. Wind/U supports Microsoft
technologies such as MFC6 and COM. Hand-in-hand with Wind/U is
Bristol’s Linux Porting Center. The Porting Center leverages
Bristol’s expertise in porting millions of lines of code to the
Linux Platform. The Porting Center provides hands-on training in
Wind/U porting and native Linux development for a full service
porting solution.”

Press Release