BW: Coollogic Announces New Web Site For Free Embedded Linux Downloads

“Coollogic Inc., a leader in embedded Linux software and
Internet appliances, announced today the launch of
www.rtkernel.org, a free commercial site for embedded, real-time
Linux downloads.”

“The new vendor-neutral site, which will offer the latest
Coollogic version of the real time (RT) Linux kernel, was developed
and is sponsored by the company in order to support the foundation
of open source software. The RT kernel is available for free and
immediate download.”

“‘Our goal is to make www.rtkernel.org the official source
for the real time Linux kernel,’ said Eric Powers, vice president
of software engineering for Coollogic.
“Much like
www.kernel.org, this website will continue to support the concept
of free Linux software for the benefit of embedded systems
developers and software and hardware product managers

Press release