BW: eConnect and Pilot Island Establish in a First-Ever Wireless Internet Terminal Link to PalmPilot

“Pilot Island Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of
International Digital Holding (OTCBB:IDIG), and its PocketPay Joint
Venture partner, eConnect (OTCBB:ECNC), have structured a licensing
arrangement with PalmPilot to enable first-ever wireless hand-held
Internet terminal transactions.”

“The PocketPay, which will be a hand-held combination Palm
VII, phone and bank card Internet terminal, will send

encrypted ATM card with PIN or credit card data to the Palm VII
proxy server center, which in turn will then send on the data
to the eConnect/RGTecq Linux Transaction server,
which in turn
will pass on the transaction to the eConnect Host systems for bank
card authorization.”

“Initial services will be eConnect2Trade, whereby a mobile
consumer will be able to open an Instant Cash Trading Account with
an ATM card with PIN Internet cash payment originating from the

“PocketPay prototype testing will commence in the third quarter
of this year. Profits are generated through merchant transaction

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