BW: Enerdyne Technologies Inc. Showcases New Linux Communications Server and Other Technologies…

“Enerdyne Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Advanced Remote
Communication Solutions Inc. (ARCOMS) (OTCBB:BTRK) and a leader in
digital-video compression systems, announced today that it will be
in booth No. 2230 at the ITS America Meeting and Exposition 2000 in

“Enerdyne will demonstrate their 4000 Series MPEG2/1 video
compression cards, the UCM6000 Series of Universal Communications
Multiplexers and the LNX7000 Linux Communications Server.”

“The Linux Communications Server (LNX7000) is a stand-alone,
high-speed data server using Linux as the embedded operating
system. These units multiplex and demultiplex video, voice and data
and stream the combined information over networks using IP
transport protocols.
The LNX7000 is designed to service a
single video and stereo audio channel as well as three
bi-directional user data channels and allows it to communicate via
10/100Base-T Ethernet or DS1 based LANs or WANs. With its ability
to support custom applications based on the Linux operating system
and a range of PCMCIA compatible internal peripherals, the LNX7000
product line offers users the ability to uniquely customize
products to their own applications.”

Press Release