BW: Ensim Corporation Announces Partner Program

“Ensim Corporation, the industry’s premier supplier of complete
service deployment platform for service providers (ISPs, ASPs, Web
Hosts and CLECs), today announced that VA Linux Systems, Inc., Data
Fellows Corporation and Miva Corporation are charter members of
Ensim’s ServerXchange(TM) Partner Programs — two significant
initiatives established to enable ISPs to provide value-added
services for small to mid-size companies…”

“VA Linux Systems has joined the Platform Partner Program, and
will co-market its Linux servers into ISP data centers with Ensim.
The Platform Partner Program is designed to allow systems vendors
and communications system manufacturers to offer a total ISP
solution for rapid service deployment. The program also provides
partners with an additional channel to sell their equipment to the
high-growth ISP market.”

“Our partnership with Ensim gives VA Linux Systems the
opportunity to be part of a unique solutions bundle for ISPs,” said
Brian Biles, vice president of marketing for VA Linux Systems.
ISPs will benefit from complete, cost-effective solutions that
combine the performance, reliability and scalability of VA Linux
systems with the value added by ServerXChange.

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