BW: Global Media Announces Linux Journal Has Nominated It For Best Overall Linux Solution Award

“Global Media Corp….announced that it has been nominated by
Linux Journal for the Best Overall Linux Solution at the Penguin
Playoffs to be held at this week’s Comdex convention in Las

Linux Journal is the industry standard trade journal for
the community of programmers and users of the Linux operating
system. For both its broadcasting and e-commerce solutions, Global
Media has developed leading edge systems based on the Linux
operating system.
More stable and scalable than alternative
operating systems, the open-source code Linux operating system is
quickly becoming the operating system of choice for large-scale
computing applications. As well as nominating Global Media for the
Best Overall Linux Solution award, to be presented to the winner in
person by Linus Torvald, the creator of Linux, Linux Journal has
asked Global Media to present an article for publication in the
January 2000 edition of the Linux Journal. The article, which has
already been submitted, will focus on how Global Media has become a
leader in live multimedia streaming technology by developing
innovative systems running on the Linux operating system, including
a branded Linux encoding box placed at radio stations.”

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