BW: Insignia’s Jeode Platform to be Incorporated Within Upcoming Fujitsu Product…

“Insignia Solutions (Nasdaq:INSGY) announced today that
Fujitsu PC Corporation has selected Insignia’s Jeode platform
as the underlying Java technology for a product Fujitsu will
announce later this year.
Other terms and conditions of the
agreement were not disclosed.”

“”The selection of the Jeode platform by Fujitsu continues our
momentum and furthers our objective to make our accelerated
technology the premier Java solution for the Internet appliances
and embedded devices,” said Mark McMillan, senior vice president of
worldwide sales and marketing with Insignia Solutions. “Like other
leading companies that have selected our patented technology,
Fujitsu requires a fully Java-compatible solution that delivers
accelerated performance and robustness in a memory footprint that
is suitable for resource-constrained devices. Fujitsu’s Jeode
technology-enhanced products will benefit from these attributes and
much more.””

“The Jeode platform is designed to run with a wide range of
operating systems and target processors. It currently supports
operating systems such as Windows CE, Windows Embedded NT, Windows
NT, VxWorks, ITRON and Linux, and processors such as MIPS, ARM,
Intel x86, PowerPC and Hitachi SH.”

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