BW: Kreatel’s Tornado-K5 Demonstrates the Emergence of Linux for Internet Appliances

“The Tornado-K5 enables the television set to become a two-way
communication console for digital interactive services, such as
Video-On-Demand, Music-On-Demand and home shopping. Broadband
operators will be given new business opportunities by offering
customers IP-Based broadband services through this gateway. By
using Internet technology based on open IP standards over ADSL,
Cable TV, or Ethernet connections, IP providers and telecom
operators will find it easier to develop, integrate and adapt
different services for the customer demands that may arise.”

We believe Kreatel’s Tornado-K5 is the first European
product to launch based on the Linux operating system supported by
Sigma Designs decoder technology, further validating the momentum
Linux is gaining as an embedded operating system
,” said Ken
Lowe, Vice President of Marketing, Sigma Designs. “We are pleased
to have been selected as the decoder of choice, expanding our
deployed solutions which also include Windows CE and VxWorks
operating systems.”

“A key component in the Tornado-K5 is Sigma’s MPEG-2 decoder
that provides compressed film and sound datastreams to stereo sound
and video images in order to obtain the highest quality full motion
video and audio possible while offering a low cost solution,” said
Lars Bengtsson, Managing Director, Kreatel Communications. “The use
of Sigma Designs decoder chip in combination with their Linux
drivers, gives the Tornado-K5 service gateway the best solution

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