BW: Olicom Announces Broad Support for Linux Operating System

“Olicom Inc., the leader in fault-tolerant enterprise networking
solutions,Tuesday announced that it will roll out broad support for
the free Linux operating system across its entire line of Token
Ring, Ethernet and ATMnetwork interface cards.”

“`As one of the first in the industry to offer this level of
support for Linux drivers, we recognize that Linux has been
steadily gaining momentum and popularity in the industry, and is
important to many of our customers,’ said Jorgen Hog, Olicom’s vice
president of Product Marketing. `Linux is becoming increasingly
important to network installations, and the number of PCs and
servers running Linux is increasing rapidly.'”

“Users of the Linux operating system, a free, UNIX-like OS with
freely available source code, are often frustrated at the lack of
device drivers. Linux users must often turn to complicated
workarounds or substitutions, or write their own device drivers to
make their NICs functional.”