BW: On RadioWallStreet.com: the Linux League Friday Edition

“Listen to newly appointed Linux League Commissioner and weekly
RadioWallStreet.com contributor, Francis Gaskins host a panel of
guests to review Linux trends, with comment on Red Hat, Inc.
(Nasdaq: RHAT), Caldera Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD), Corel
Corporation (Nasdaq: CORL), The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (Nasdaq:
SCOC), Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW), Cobalt Networks, Inc.
(Nasdaq: COBT), and VA Linux Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: LNUX).”

“The topic of discussion is “Will Linux splinter into many
versions, like Unix?”.”

“This event was originally broadcast on Monday, April 17, 2000,
at 5:30 PM EDT. Click here for a re-broadcast

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