BW: Red Hat Offers Advanced Training to Meet Growing Business in Internet and Embedded Solutions

“Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq:RHAT), the leading provider of open
source Internet infrastructure, today announced advanced technical
training courses focusing on embedded systems engineering, IA-64
engineering, and Apache and secure Web server

These new courses are further steps in our total commitment
to support customers, partners, and developers as they work with
open source technology on everything from Internet appliances, to
server and Internet infrastructures
, and new platforms such as
IA-64,” said Michael Tiemann, chief technology officer, Red Hat.
“Advanced training at Red Hat is designed to meet the needs of
individuals and engineering teams as they build new devices and
applications, and manage secure network services on the latest

“The Red Hat Embedded Systems Engineering Course teaches
embedded developers how to use the Red Hat Embedded DevKit and Red
Hat GNUPro to develop, build, test, and debug embedded Linux
applications. Labs are emphasized throughout, and each participant
spends the final day actually developing an embedded application
for a small system on a reference board.”

Press Release