BW: Trend Micro Ships…Internet Gateway Antivirus for Red Hat Linux 6.0: InterScan VirusWall 3.01

“Trend Micro…announced shipment of InterScan(R) VirusWall(R)
3.01, its Internet gateway virus scanning software solution
designed specifically for the Red Hat…6.0 version of Linux. With
this announcement, Trend Micro provides the only complete Internet
Gateway virus solution for Red Hat Linux 6.0. Trend Micro’s
InterScan VirusWall supports the broadest range of platforms
including Linux, Solaris, NT, Alpha NT, and HP-UX. With this
announcement, Trend is also making available to the Linux community
a free Linux file scanner for performing manual and prescheduled
virus scanning on Linux servers.

“Trend’s InterScan VirusWall technology established the Internet
gateway protection category by being the first to market in 1996.
Recent Editor’s Choice Awards in both Network World and Network
Computing Magazines prove that Trend Micro is still the leader,
despite imitators, in this category. Trend continues this pattern
of excellence and innovation with release of InterScan VirusWall
3.01 for Linux. InterScan VirusWall centrally monitors, detects,
and deletes Internet and email-borne viruses and malicious code in
real time at the Internet gateway, before they have a chance to
infect the desktop and spread.”

Press Release