BW: TurboLinux Wins Tops Honors at IT 2000 Sydney Conference in Australia

“TurboLinux, Inc., the high performance Linux company, announced
today that judges at the IT 2000 Sydney computer show had named
TurboCluster Server as the Corporate IT Best Product winner for
enterprise-class customers and Finalist Best Product honor at the
Linux Open Source Expo & Conference.”

“TurboLinux was the only Linux company honored by judges at IT
2000 Sydney, the “Global Computer, Communication, Networking
Exhibition,” and was selected over entries from 300 conference
exhibitors. TurboLinux gained top honors in the best product
category for enterprise-class customers over entries from finalists
Sun Microsystems and SGI.
More than 40,000 corporate IT
professionals are expected to attend the Sydney conference that
finishes March 10.”

“We’re pleased with the strong reception that our clustering
solutions are meeting in the market and from experts in the
industry,” said Cliff Miller, CEO of TurboLinux. “We are dedicated
to bringing enterprise-class clustering solutions to our customers
around the world.”

Press Release