Byte.com: Process Scheduling In Linux, A Time For Everything

“Last month, we started a new series of Linux kernel internals.
In that first part, we looked at how Linux manages processes and
why in many ways Linux is better at creating and maintaining
processes than many commercials Unixes.”

This series on Linux internals is by the way the fruit of a
tight collaboration with some of the most experienced kernel
hackers in the Linux project.
Without the contribution of
people like Andrea Arcangeli in Italy (VM contributor and SuSE
employee), Ingo Molnar (scheduler contributor) and many others,
this series wouldn’t be possible. Many thanks to all of them, but
especially to Andrea Arcangeli who has shown a lot of patience in
answering many of my questions.”

“This time, we dwell a bit on the subject of scheduling. Much to
my surprise, here again, Linux goes the unorthodox way and
disregards conventional wisdom in kernel theory. The results are
excellent. Let’s see how.”