Canonical aligns Kubuntu as community flavor

[ Thanks to TheTechScribe for this link.

“While Riddell is perfectly correct, and Canonical’s logic is
sound, the Linux community has a history of rejecting arguments of
the head (and the pocketbook) over those of the heart. Certainly
Canonical’s attitude towards KDE has changed since Mark
Shuttleworth wrote an invitation to the Kubuntu and KDE community
to work with Canonical at the 2006 LinuxTag event:

“‘I believe that the KDE community does phenomenal work, and
having a community-driven distribution to showcase that work will
help attract users and developers to the project. Our overall goal
in the Ubuntu project is to further the adoption of free software
on the desktop and the server, and we recognise that KDE is an
essential part of the mix of desktop environments that allows
people to find the best environment for their needs.’

“Clearly, that was then, and this is now. “

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