Carmageddon: Reincarnation’s Jason Garber Answers Our Questions On Their Linux Support

You stated on twitter to us that there is no Linux version in early access because the PC (Windows) version is not done, is it a lot of work to port your in-house engine to Linux?
Yes, we have to concentrate on the PC version before we port to any other platform. We assured the Backers that they would have a Linux version – but I disagree that we failed to say it would be coming later, it’s been stated every time the question has been asked that it will come later on.

Will you be putting out early Linux versions once the Windows version is finished for Linux gamers to help test like you have done for Windows users?
It’s quite possible we would approach it in that way. But we’d hope that Linux, as a port rather than a process of full game development, would be a more linear and (dare I say it) straightforward process that won’t involve the level of player testing that is useful to us while we still develop the full game.