Caught on Video: 2 Tools for Linux Screen-Session Recording

“If creating desktop demos is a common job for you, and if you
want a better way to present the information than using a webcam or
a cellphone, a screen session recording app is in order.
RecordMyDesktop is a breeze, but another, Istanbul, seems to have
problems on several different distro/hardware combos, ranging from
not stopping when told to necessitating a total OS reboot.

“Do you ever marvel at those step-by-step how-to product demos
of software apps that end-users post on places like YouTube? It is
often easy to spot these demo videos shot with cellphone cams or PC
eye cams placed over the user’s shoulder.

“But two cool Linux apps give you a the ability to record
directly to a file whatever’s being shown on your computer’s
monitor. RecordMyDesktop and Istanbul both record screen sessions
into an Ogg Theora video file.”