CBS Marketwatch: IBM gives more credence to Linux

“Wladawski-Berger… will spearhead an effort to make the Linux
operating system work with AIX, the company’s main server operating
system. The announcement gives Linux one of its largest
endorsements to date.”

“We want to make AIX as Linux-compatible as possible,”
Wladawski-Berger said. “It’s one of the standards in the Internet
world. Linux will make it possible to run applications with maximum

“Wladawski-Berger says IBM plans to build what it calls a
more “robust” version of Linux. He says the company will donate
technologies, including programming code, to the Linux
The aim is to enable Linux to run large business
computers more reliably. To date, Linux hasn’t been a major force
in high-end computing, and it’s been a central direction for few
computer makers.”

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