Chicago Tribune: Linux aims for new users

Thanks to Alan
for this link.

“Linux rarely crashes, will make even an old Pentium processor
seem peppy, requires little disk space, and can be downloaded from
the Internet for free. So why aren’t we all using it?”

“Because Linux is based on Unix, an operating system notorious
for arcane commands and difficult installation.”

“Like Microsoft’s original operating system MS-DOS, Unix
variants are mostly controlled from command line, or text-based,
interfaces. In fact, Unix can make DOS seem user-friendly.”

“Many Unix users are computer experts who like the customizable
features of the operating system; the average computer user will
likely just be confused by these options.”

“And even if you master the intricacies of Linux, a different
operating system also requires different applications. Most
programs are released only in executable form, targeted to just one
operating system and hardware platform.”

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