[email protected]: ASP Pulse: Migrating To Microsoft

“Windows 2000 is gaining momentum among hosting providers, as
Digex Inc. and Pandesic LLC both unveiled plans Tuesday
to migrate to Microsoft Corp.’s long-awaited

“No surprise there. Microsoft and Compaq Computer Corp. made
a combined $50 million investment in
Beltsville, Md.-based
Digex last month, and Pandesic, Sunnyvale. Calif., is a
Microsoft Business Internet Analytics (BIA) provider partner. BIA
is a set of tools and processes that deliver clickstream data
analysis and data warehousing.”

“It is all part of Microsoft’s efforts to entice ASPs and ISVs
to develop e-business applications on its platform and adopt
Windows 2000 as their operating environment for hosted
applications. Microsoft began reaching out to the ASP space early
last month via investments in Corio Inc. and Interland Inc.”

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