Christian Computing: Linux for Everyman

Thanks to Darren for
this link.

“I hope to help more Christians migrate to the Wonderful World
of Tux, the ‘official’ mascot of Linux.”

“Is Linux relevant? Unless you have been a techno-ostrich with
your head in the cybersand, you have probably heard the term Linux
(rhymes with cynics.) Once I explain what Linux is, I am certain
you will understand why it is important for the Christian community
of computer users to embrace it. More Internet sites use Linux on
their servers than any other OS. Linux is revolutionizing the
information technology (IT) universe just like the early Church
changed the Roman Empire in the first century AD. The top OEM
vendors of PCs (HP, Compaq, Dell, and IBM) are now (or in the near
future) distributing Linux pre-installed as an option. The big
names in the database world (Oracle, Informix, Sybase, and DB2)
have either ported to Linux already or are in the process of doing
so. Lotus will be releasing its Notes server application for Linux
by the end of the year (before they release the NetWare version.)
SAP recently showcased its Linux version of the SAP R/3 (R/3 is one
of the biggest names in Enterprise Resource Planner [ERP]
software.) Historically, business trends in computers have defined
the future trends in home computing. Business is moving to Linux.
It is reasonable to expect that home trends will follow.”