Closing the Honeycomb Code May Open a Legal Can of Worms

“One of the basic principles of free and open source software is
the principle of “copyleft”, which is enshrined in the General
Public License (GPL). Under copyleft, everyone is free to use,
copy, modify, improve, and share GPL’d code, but there’s an
important and uncompromising condition: if you modify and
distribute the code, you must make the code, and any works derived
from it, available for use by others. If you don’t, you’ve violated
the terms of the license and copyright law.

“Those who enforce the GPL say that there isn’t supposed to be
any delay in providing the code. GPL-Violations.org emphasizes that
the “GPL demands that as soon as you distribute GPL licensed
software in executable format you make available the complete
corresponding source code.” HTC has been excoriated by the
community for delays of 90 to 120 days.”

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