CNET News.com: Linux companies attracting deals

“A grim market notwithstanding, Linux continues to be a
deal-making catalyst across the high-tech landscape.”

“”There’s a lot of interest in open source, despite the market’s
recent downturn,” said Keith Bachman of WR Hambrecht. Linux is the
most prominent example of the open-source model, in which anyone
may participate in the creation and distribution of software.”

“Open-source companies, and in particular, the use of Linux in
embedded devices, are very active areas for public and private
investments, Bachman said. “In the hot sectors, there is more money
than good deals,” he said.”

“TurboLinux, which sells Linux along with server software, today
announced investments from Oracle and Pacific Century CyberWorks.
TurboLinux will certify and optimize its version of Linux for
Oracle’s database software and will help to bring the combination
of Oracle to the Asian market where TurboLinux is strongest. Oracle
already has a similar arrangement with Red Hat, TurboLinux’s
biggest competitor.”

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