CNET News.com: Microsoft’s competitors “delighted”


Such was the reaction of Ransom Love, chief executive of
Linux operating system seller Caldera Systems, after hearing of
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson’s finding that Microsoft misused
monopoly power. “No one wants to see Microsoft go under–we all
just want to see them play fair
,” Love said.”

“Love’s response represents the thoughts of several companies
who have found themselves at odds with Microsoft. For them, it
indicates that there may come a time when they’ll have a clearer
shot at nabbing Microsoft’s customers.”

“My basic reaction is I’m delighted by the findings,” said Jim
Barksdale, the former chief executive at Netscape and one of the
central figures in the case. “I thought my team worked so hard at
Netscape to overcome a lot of this. I’m glad the judge understands
this and agrees with it.”

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