CNET News.com: Top stories of 1999 cut wide swath

“The year 1999 will go down as the year that high-tech went

“Next year promises more of the same as consumers continue to
buy PCs and log onto the Internet and as the New Economy grows.
Here’s a summary of 20 of the year’s top stories (culled from
about 14,300) that were published by CNET News.com….

“6. Linux goes to work. The popularity of the upstart operating
system exploded, as it grabbed more headlines, increased interest
from Microsoft and the attention of Wall Street. Linux
companies–Red Hat, VA Linux Systems, Andover.Net and Cobalt
Networks–all had highly successful IPOs. At year-end, in a
symbolic gesture, a Linux programmer even bailed out Microsoft,
paying a $35 domain-name registration fee to get its Hotmail email
up and running again.”

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