Computer Currents: Linux Versus Linux

“Two revamped Linux offerings make setting up an intranet as
easy as pie”

Thanks to Leo Comitale for
this link.

This articles gives a shiny review of Linux, explaining that
even the big corporations who generally only go with ‘big company’
‘packaged’ software are starting to consider Linux.

They then give detailed descriptions of both Caldera’s OpenLinux
and Red Hat Linux.

The writer installed both systems and discussed the advantages
and disadvantages to both. The article says that Red Hat is easier
for newbies to install, while Caldera is more geared for ‘power

Caldera is given an extra point for shipping KDE.

In the end, the author recommends Red HAt for intranet and
internal websites. He also says that Red Hat’s support department
offers more days of support than Caldera, and more timely