Computer health certificates for surfing the Internet? Are you serious?

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“The commitment with which certain companies try to
make the problems caused by their products and practices a general
issue for which they have no fault, that is something that should
be fixed by others with public money, is impressive.

“I just had a good laugh reading a BBC report about the latest,
exceptional idea on how to fix the huge problems caused worldwide
by virus-infected computers (that in the great majority of cases
run some version of Microsoft Windows):

“1. “sick PCs”, that is “Virus-infected computers that pose a
risk to other PCs should be blocked from the net”, just as not
vaccinated individuals are put in quarantine in the physical world
to prevent them from spreading diseases
2. Therefore, Mr Charney suggests, all computers should have
“health certificate” to prove that they are uninfected before they
connect to the net. And, according to BBC, “Microsoft said that to
make its plan work it would need four steps, including defining a
health computer, creating a trusted system for health certificates
and finding a way for ISPs to process and act on them. Relevant
legal frameworks would also be needed, it said”.

“You must admit that Mr Charney is a really smart and very
dedicated person, deeply committed to his work.”

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