Coriolis.com: Open Letter to Bill Gates and Microsoft

“We are writing this letter to request that you reconsider your
current plans for the timing and testing requirements for the
Windows 2000 MCSE program. The changes that you’ve recently
announced, such as limiting enrollment for beta exams, restricting
access to the accelerated exam for existing MCSEs to a single try,
and limiting the timelines during which MCSEs must “upgrade” their
certifications are unfair to the community. Based on feedback from
our large community of readers, we also believe that these
requirements will significantly impact the success of the Windows
2000 MCSE program. The steps you are about to take with your new
program could impact the careers of over 220,000 current MCSEs, and
the countless professionals who are studying to become certified
under your program.”

“Changing and restricting the MCSE Windows 2000 program is
counterproductive, because you are alienating a dedicated community
of professionals. Many MCSEs who feel that they have invested their
careers with Microsoft now also feel that their investments are
being seriously and negatively impacted. This is particularly true
because the Windows NT 4.0 certifications will expire before many
companies have replaced that software with Windows 2000

“By forcing MCSEs to upgrade more quickly than their working
circumstances might dictate, you lower the incentive for active
professionals to maintain their certifications, and lessen their
willingness to dedicate their future working lives to supporting
Microsoft. Most industry analysts, including the Gartner Group,
predict that significant adoptions of Windows 2000 in the workplace
will not occur before 2002 to 2003, yet your timetable forces MCSEs
to finish their upgrades a year or more in advance of that


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