Creating a Layout Example in Inkscape

[ Thanks to Naheed
for this link. ]

“In this article by Bethany Hiitola, author of Inkscape
0.48 Essentials for Web Designers, we will create a web page
layout. This part of web development allows the most creative
expression for web designers. It’s creating a mock up of how the
web page will look when complete. Mock ups are graphic images of
the web page, so we don’t worry about all the technical details in
making the web page work, just how it looks.

“Designing the background

“In Inkscape, since your canvas is white, it looks like your web
page might have a white background. It does not, without creating a
background image, currently it would be transparent or 0 percent
opacity. So we need to start by determining which colors to use for
the background.

“You can get really creative here, as you don’t need to use just
one color! Create a header background color, one for the main body,
and then another for the footer area. Let’s start by creating a
simple background based on our Basic Layout layer.”